00. CIDESCO planner


Plan your business, Plan your succes!

7. CIDESCO planner

The Planner

This planner was created because I was searching for more structure in my beauty Bizz. 
I was tired of constantly chasing after the facts all the time.

I also noticed that I found it difficult to set a course and stick to it. I was quickly distracted by the next shiny object and then I forgot my original goal.

I have used various planners over the years and every time I missed something.

Eventually I started designing something myself and in collaboration with CIDESCO International I am now able to share this planner with my fellow Beauty professionals.

I hope that this document will also work for you and that you will clearly see this reflected in your business results.

Cover International Planner

Schedule your Business – Schedule your life!!

When you choose to work with a planner you will see that you get more clarity and focus on your goals and the results.
When you make a roadmap towards your goals you will experience that a path is created.
The steps you need to take will become more clear. You will be figuring out which customer you want to welcome in your business, what marketingstrategie to use and which services and products are the best fit.

This planner is a way to help and guide you in the proces.


  • Year and Quarterly evaluation
  • Year and quarterly preview
  • (Annual) financial goals
  • Goal setting and development (Year, Quarter, Month)
  • Projects
  • Year and monthly overview
  • Week schedule
  • Weekly motivational quotes
  • Journal and note pages

P.S. if you are from a country outside of the EU and want to order the planner please send an e-mail to support@livinglifeacademy.nl.

What others say...

This planner gives me peace of mind and my business.
I now know where I want to go and can also maintain a better focus on my goals.


I love planning my business and my life.
I have more control over my time because I also schedule and guard my free time.

I am experiencing much more peace of mind and I am much more stress-resistant.


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If you talk about it, it's a dream.

If you envision it, it's possible.

But if you schedule it, it becomes real.